Welcome to Otto De Jager Events

With offices Located in Cape Town Johannesburg

We create authentic and sustainable décor, floral and event management experiences.
We are proud to announce we are level 2 BEE.


Classic Weddings
Corporate Event Experiences
Floral Design
Destination Weddings
Private Occasions
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How We Work

Our work ethos is clear, we deliver a positive energy of kindness, gratitude, youthfulness and intimacy in everything we do for you.

Our Assurance To You

We create experiences that capture the imagination!

icnleafhat 1Your event will be an authentic and unforgettable experience.

icnmoney 1Your experience will be cost efficient, eco-friendly and successfully contained within your prescribed budget.

icnleafhand 1Your environmental footprint is sustainably contained and minimised.

icnottosymbol 1You will receive the gift of OTTO DE JAGER EVENTS signature artistry, design, balance, sophistication and originality.

icnstars 1Your event will be flawlessly delivered by qualified experts who know what they are doing.

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At Otto De Jager events…

“I strive for constant innovation and creative flare to every event I am asked to execute. My team and I avoid clichés and “event recipes “at all costs as I don’t see clients as clients but rather individuals with specific needs and specific requirements.”


Cost Effective and Sustainable

We are renowned for organising all types of cost effective and sustainable events from royal weddings to private and intimate picnics for all types of customers including private and public individuals, corporate events and product launches.

“Your contribution, assistance and attention to detail … contributed enormously to the success of a memorable party.”


“Otto darling, I am speechless !!!!
I find it difficult to express my admiration and respect for your unique imaginative creativity, and obvious joy and pride in all that you undertake .
Bravo my dear, warm, brilliant Otto.  I am totally overwhelmed with what you have achieved…… in so many venues….. and each so different and delightful!!!!!!!!

From my heart, and with much love, Pauline ”



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