C’est Si Bon ~ Once in a while it’s time to review and go in search of all things new – and what better place than Paris, my haunt for the last 15 years…

I just can’t seem to get enough of this city. It brims with inspiration, from the architecture to the detail on the manhole cover lids, to an array of new florals; from exciting and innovative window displays, to the 100 different ways Parisian women wear and fold a scarf. Then, the detail that goes into the wrapping of all things purchased, the variety of baguette… I could continue until the cows come home.

But why the trip down memory lane after my recent visit to Paris? Well, it’s the fact that the French really do have that missing link so often referred to as ‘Je ne sais quoi’ – that indefinable quality regarding all things creative. And in this lies the beauty for bringing this expertise home to our clients, who are hungry for new ideas.

Pierre Herme has taken the classic macaroon and twisted the flavours to a whole new level. Gone are the florals of rose, lavender and sage; instead he created combinations of salted caramel and mango, and rosemary infused with lemon. These macaroons are so amazing that one has no hesitation in going back to the same patisserie shops to purchase some more. And let me tell you about those Patisserie shops. Herme started a whole new concept a few years ago by making his pastry shops look like Bijouterie (jewellery stores), a concept that now has been taken on by most other pastry shops in the city.





A visit to the grocery store, L’epicerie Le Bon Marche takes any creative’s breath away – sugar in the shape of Eiffel Towers, hearts and buttons, mushrooms spilling out of beautiful wicker baskets in abundance from Girolle to Chanterelle… the variety is endless! Let’s not even get started talking about the cheese and dessert displays…

It is this eye for detail that each and every wedding coordinator should have; this inquisitive mind that yearns for constant inspiration that every coordinator should possess. If he or she has this knowledge, they’re able to present clients with fresh new ideas – which is why one needs to know about the diversity, the variety and the cutting edge trends that are happening abroad.

A visit to Christiaan Tortu for floral design and the Musée de l’Orangerie to stare at the incredible Water lily panels by Monet might sound irrelevant to some, but to me it brings alive the usage of colour that can so easily be interpreted into a wedding theme or bridesmaids’ dresses. Tasting one of those newly famous macaroons makes me realise that we, in South Africa, have a long way to go before we learn how to make the perfect macaroon. By knowing about and tasting the best, one is in a position to encourage our local patisserie chefs. Seeing the reflection of The Louvre’s Renaissance architecture on the glass pyramid makes me realise how important lighting is at any event.

Clients can rest assured that we will bring them variety, freshness and cutting edge creativity to all their Big Days. We do this by ensuring that our creative cup overflows with constant fresh input from abroad and ensure that this creativity benefits each and every client we work with.

Au revoir pour le moment