. . . And the journey to the perfect wedding begins

At some stage, every little girl wants to be a bride. Many women have planned what they’ll wear; the vows they’ll write; where they want to be married; and the kind of person they’ll marry from age 12.

Even if the wedding is a few years away, the excitement of being engaged brings marriage closer . . . and you’ll start to see wedding magazines and wish lists all over the woman’s home. So, how long before the wedding should the couple actually book a wedding planner, who can then start to create a bespoke event they will never forget?

Get some recommendations from friends, family and online about wedding planners and once you’ve narrowed down your list to someone you feel will give you the most memorable – and stress-free – experience – call now. Forget all the “rules” you’ve been told about timing – a good planner will make it happen. Of course, the more time there is, the better . . . but time has never been the biggest issue for me.

I like to get to know a couple so we can work together to bring in your personalities, tastes, style and dreams – no matter how “outrageous” they may seem! While my talent is in creating a wedding like no other for you, I also manage expectations. The key here is to tick your “wedding bucket list” boxes, but not to promise anything that may end up spoiling your celebration.

I also encourage you to choose an experienced wedding planner in whom you can place full trust. Communication is vital throughout the process, but my job is to ensure we take care of the details so you can enjoy the entire process, from “yes” to “I do”.

Knowing that you have a team dedicated to providing you with the best possible venue, food, drinks, floral artistry and photographer for your budget means your choices “happen” in the background while you get on with the parts that delight you . . . This should be a time of great excitement – nobody wants to see a stressed bride on her wedding day!

So, some pointers:

Choose a planner who can take care of – and responsibility for – all the details. This means overall design, bookings catering, wedding cake, service and bar staff, photography, videography – and the myriad layers of service required for your day to go smoothly and joyfully.
Trust that your planner is not going to replicate a wedding he or she just put together for someone else. My view is that every event my team and I work on has to impart a sense of who you are to your guests, creating memories for all of you.
Allow your planner to be creative, whether you are looking for a traditional or a contemporary wedding reception. While your choices are the cornerstone of your celebration, the “imaginer” should be able to bring a little something extra that sets your special day apart from any other wedding you’ve ever been to.
Discuss budget upfront with your planner, noting that you may change your mind on certain choices which could impact that budget. A good planner will communicate this with you, as well as seek options that accommodate reasonable changes – but not the day before your wedding!
In my many years of creating bespoke events for brides and grooms across the world, I have had the good fortune of dealing with remarkable couples. Some wanted the moon and stars inside their reception hall; others wanted simplicity and elegance. Whether I had to create a new moon or simplify, “my” couples have always felt the celebration spoke to the soul of their occasion.

That, quite simply, is a successful wedding.