And yes, truth be told – people used to gather not for the consumption of food, but to be in awe of the spectacular beauty of that centerpiece, a creation made from marzipans, fruit, fresh whole meats on the bone etc.

The centerpiece was the most important element of the gathering and since then has changed many times. As an events coordinator and function stylist I have been watching its evolution with a hawk’s eye. Many years ago I feared that we may be stuck in the carnation and gypsophila posy for another 100 years, but happily we seem to have suddenly evolved into the more spontaneous leafy, harvest table look that is so reminiscent to the Provencal and Tuscan village feel. I celebrate this next chapter, but I have already developed goosebumps at the thought that we may be stuck within this chapter for several years.

It is clear that by looking at the evolution of the centerpiece one can see that it can be extremely varied. I would suggest that rather than creating clichés, we use varied references such asfood, bread, plants and flowers and a thousand more elements to constantly challenge its interpretation.

Surely each and every bride should have a wedding that is unique, creatively fresh and original and not merely a rendition of what has been done before?

So please choose a wedding planner who is creative and original and who guarantees you a fresh, unique personalised concept to make your wedding day not a recipe, but rather something personal and bespoke.

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